Glendora Nursing Home Assault Lawyer

Glendora Nursing Home Assault Lawyer

Nursing Home Assault and Sexual Abuse Attorney in Glendora, CA

Families in Glendora and throughout California rely on various elder care services for their elderly loved ones who need medical supervision and ongoing support with daily tasks. While most senior caregivers are attentive and compassionate, some people in this position, unfortunately, take advantage of the seniors in their care. Some go so far as to directly abuse their patients in various ways.

glendora nursing home assault attorney

Representing Victims of Physical and Sexual Elder Abuse in Glendora, CA

Elders who experience physical assault and sexual abuse at the hands of their caregivers may endure this mistreatment for a long time before their relatives notice because it can be challenging to detect the signs of elder abuse. In addition, some victims will be incapable of conveying their experiences to their families due to cognitive decline and neurological conditions. Therefore, the family members of elders in senior care need to remain vigilant for all signs of potential elder abuse. When it comes to physical and sexual abuse, the signs are usually, though not always, more apparent than other forms of abuse.

If you believe that your elderly loved one has been physically or sexually abused by their caregivers, it is essential to remove them from the dangerous situation as soon as possible. An experienced Glendora, CA elder abuse lawyer is an essential asset in this situation. They can help you protect your loved one from further harm and build a civil case against their abuser.

glendora nursing home assault lawyer

Why Do I Need a Glendora, CA Elder Abuse Attorney?

If your loved one is the victim of physical or sexual abuse from their caregivers, once you discover this situation, it can kick off a series of complex legal proceedings that will unfold in both civil and criminal court. California enforces strict laws prohibiting elder abuse, and violation of these laws will lead to prosecution. Additionally, abusers will also face civil liability for the damages they cause.

It can be incredibly distressing and frustrating to learn that your elderly loved one has been assaulted and abused by their caregivers, and determining the best approach to the legal proceedings this situation is likely to generate can be very difficult without experienced legal counsel on your side. A Glendora, CA elder abuse attorney can help you approach this situation with clarity and peace of mind. You can rely on your legal team to not only prepare you for the difficult legal proceedings you face but also to arrange support for your loved one and to help you calculate the full range of damages you can include in your civil claim against your loved one’s abuser.

Know the Signs of Physical and Sexual Assault

Elders can experience a wide range of different types of abuse and neglect from their caregivers. Some of the signs that may indicate your loved one has been physically or sexually abused by their caregivers include:

  • Sudden bruises and other unexplained injuries. If your elderly loved one sustains an injury from an accident while in senior care of any kind, the attending staff should make a report of the incident and notify you immediately. If you notice bruises or any other marks on your loved one and no staff has given you an explanation, demand they explain how these injuries occurred and ask your loved one if they remember what happened.
  • Emotional and psychological changes. Some victims of elder abuse will be intimidated into silence, preventing them from speaking up about their experiences. If you visit with a loved one and they seem quiet, withdrawn, or depressed, investigate this change in their mood and see if they will open up to you about their recent experiences.
  • Sudden declines in health. The physical and emotional toll of physical and sexual abuse can cause tremendous shifts in the victim’s overall health. If your elderly loved one seems to have taken a very sudden turn for the worse, this could be an indication of recent assault or abuse.
  • Sexually transmitted disease. Most elderly individuals in senior care are not sexually active, and significant changes in health are carefully recorded in most cases, so if your loved one is suddenly diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, this should be viewed as a significant indicator of potential sexual abuse from a caregiver.

If you notice these or any other signs of physical or sexual abuse, your Glendora, CA elder abuse attorney can help you determine the best steps to take to remove your loved one from the abusive situation and prevent further harm.

How Your Legal Team Can Help

Overt physical abuse and sexual abuse are damaging to the victim and illegal in California and subject to severe criminal penalties. Your attorney can assist your family in calculating the civil damages you can include in your lawsuit against your loved one’s abuser. They will also prepare you for any potential participation in criminal proceedings against the abuser. It’s possible for the defendant responsible for physically or sexually abusing your elderly loved one to face a wide range of criminal charges, including assault and battery, sexual assault, and charges specific to abuse of an elder.

The penalties for these crimes can include heavy fines, jail time, and compulsory sex offender registration. The nursing home, hospital, or senior care center that employed the defendant can also face penalties under the doctrine of vicarious liability. If the employer should have caught warning signs that the employee was a danger to patients, they will likely share liability for the victim’s damages.

A successful personal injury claim against your loved one’s abuser and their employer can potentially yield compensation for your loved one’s medical expenses, any lost income you and your family incurred to care for your loved one, and your loved one’s pain and suffering. Your Glendora, CA elder abuse lawyer will assist you in determining an appropriate amount of compensation to include in your civil claim.

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