Is It Too Late to File A Car Accident Claim?

Perhaps your sore neck and shooting back pain from the car accident has not stopped. Maybe you have yet to be compensated for trips to the doctor or other damages you may have sustained.

Regardless of when you file a claim with an insurance company, you are still bound by what is called the statute of limitations – the limitation on how much time you are given to bring about a legal action. To ensure your rights are preserved, it is best to contact an attorney immediately after being involved in a car accident.

Time Limits Involving Car Accidents

Under California law, the statute of limitations (e.g. the time you have to bring a lawsuit) differs depending on several factors. Generally speaking, injuries arising from car accidents carry a two (2) year statute of limitations. However, if the accident is caused by a public entity (like a city bus), a formal claim should be made within six (6) months of the accident.

So When Does the Clock Start?

Under California law, the clock starts ticking the day the car accident occurs, even if you do not begin experiencing pain until days later.

Keep in mind that early action is essential not only to protect the statute of limitations, but also to procure prompt medical attention and preserve crucial evidence. If you are worried about whether you have missed any deadlines or about the appropriate timeline for your case, be sure to consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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