Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles, CA (2024)

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury and death in the country, and densely populated areas like Los Angeles County see many accidents. The traffic in the Los Angeles area is notoriously bad, and this high amount of traffic, coupled with LA being a tourist destination, makes the area more hazardous. LA County also has a reputation for a lack of road safety. These factors and more make the roads and intersections in the area dangerous.

Accidents are less likely when drivers stay alert and operate their vehicles with care. Knowing the most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles, CA, is useful for limiting the risk of an accident, but there is no sure way to avoid car accidents.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be overwhelmed and not be sure of your next steps. Once your injuries are treated, you need to talk with a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney who can review your case and determine if you have a viable claim. An insurance and civil claim could allow you full coverage of medical costs and damage to your vehicle.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles County

According to law enforcement data for LA from 2020 to 2022, there were more than 13,851 car accidents in LA intersections that caused injury or death. Eighty-six intersections in the county had ten or more accidents where someone was injured or killed, and the downtown area saw 937 of the total accidents at intersections.

The most dangerous intersections were:

  1. The intersection of South Vermont Avenue and West Florence Avenue, located in Vermont-Slauson. From 2020 to 2022, it saw 19 accidents that resulted in injury or death.
  2. The West Manchester Avenue and South Normandie Avenue intersection in Manchester Square, which had 18 dangerous accidents resulting in injury or death.
  3. Victory Boulevard and Lindley Avenue in Reseda, which had 18 dangerous accidents.
  4. The West Manchester Avenue and South Vermont Avenue intersection. It’s located in Vermont Knolls and also had 18 dangerous collisions.
  5. East Manchester Avenue and Avalon Boulevard in Florence. This intersection also had 18 accidents that resulted in injury or death.

Four of these intersections are located in neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles. These locations see the highest concentration of accidents than all other intersections in the city.

Why Are Los Angeles Intersections Dangerous?

Vehicles at intersections are not usually moving at high speeds the same way they are on freeways and highways, but fatal and harmful accidents can still occur for many reasons. Intersections may have blocked views, poor visibility due to rain or fog, or other unsafe weather or road conditions. This can increase the chances of T-bone accidents if cars turn into oncoming traffic. Motor vehicles may have mechanical failures, which could prevent them from stopping at an intersection.

Accidents often occur due to driver negligence. Drivers may be distracted and careless at an intersection, feeling they have sufficient time and safety. Drivers may also be recklessly speeding, tailgating, or driving aggressively. Busy roads can make drivers frustrated or impatient. When drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it can prevent them from making rational decisions.

Any of these negligent, reckless, and illegal behaviors can cause rear-end accidents that push other vehicles into intersections, T-bone accidents, side-swipe accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Los Angeles has a lot of intersections, traffic, and foot traffic. Unlike freeways and highways, intersections see higher levels of pedestrian and bicyclist traffic. This adds more variables and can make intersections more confusing. Despite crosswalks and sidewalks, intersections are often not pedestrian-friendly. When a motor vehicle hits a pedestrian or cyclist, catastrophic and fatal injuries are more likely.

FAQs About Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles, CA

What Freeway in Los Angeles Has the Most Accidents?

The road in Los Angeles County with the most fatal accidents is the 4.3-mile stretch of the I-605 between Exit 5B and Firestone Boulevard. From the years 2017 to 2019, this part of the freeway saw 11 fatal accidents, with 12 fatalities. This is a rate of 2.6 fatal accidents per mile of road. This is the seventh deadliest rate of fatal accidents per mile based on the data available for all the roads in the state of California.

What Intersection in LA Has the Most Accidents?

The South Vermont Avenue and West Florence Avenue intersection is the most dangerous intersection in Los Angeles, with 19 injurious or fatal accidents from 2020 to 2022. During that time period, there were 86 intersections in LA that had ten or more crashes that caused injury or death. The highest-ranking, most dangerous intersections in the city are mostly located in South Central Los Angeles.

What Intersection Is Unsafe in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills hosts the intersection of Lomitas Avenue, North Canon Drive, and North Beverly Drive, which is a six-way intersection. Although it does not have a high collision rate, it is a confusing and difficult-to-navigate intersection.

There are other six-way intersections in the area, but those have traffic lights and signals, while this intersection does not yet. There are also no sidewalks or pathways for pedestrians at the intersection, although the idea of a raised crosswalk was introduced in early 2024.

Is an Intersection a High-Risk Area?

The Federal Highway Administration statistics show that half of the accidents that cause injury occur at intersections, and about 25% of fatal accidents happen at intersections. Although drivers at intersections are not usually going at high speeds like on highways, drivers can cause accidents when they are inattentive, have low visibility, or are not following the rules of the road.

Most accidents at intersections are T-bone accidents. These accidents can be severe if one or both of the drivers are moving at high speeds and if one vehicle is larger than the other.

Do I Need an Attorney After a Los Angeles Car Accident?

You are not required to hire an attorney if you are filing a car insurance or personal injury claim against an at-fault party. However, an attorney can significantly benefit the claims and increase the compensation you receive by accurately calculating your damages, investigating the accident, and preventing you from making mistakes during the filing process.

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