West Covina Nursing Home Fall Lawyer

West Covina Nursing Home Fall Lawyer

West Covina Nursing Home Fall Attorney

As our loved ones age in West Covina, CA, the requirements of care change. Helping them maximize the quality of life they have in their remaining time could involve living with a family member or in a long-term care facility such as a nursing home. When care is entrusted to institutions, there is an assumption of safety and protection. These facilities provide care for others and must maintain a certain level of quality as a business. Unfortunately, those standards are not always upheld, and slips and falls within nursing homes remain a big problem.

Nursing homes are highly susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents, and victims may require additional medical attention that younger people may not. If your loved one is involved in a nursing home slip-and-fall accident, rely on the experience and expertise of an attorney who can help hold the responsible party accountable and fight for the compensation you may be entitled to.

West Covina Nursing Home Fall Lawyer

Causes of Nursing Home Falls

Statistics show that nursing home slip-and-fall accidents are quite prevalent. While all of them are not caused by negligent behavior or a lack of safety concern, many occur because of inadequate care plans, facility layouts, and employee negligence. Other times, the cause is because of the victim and their own limitations. Common slip-and-fall causes include:

  • Understaffing. Whether due to budget constraints or a lack of workforce options, understaffed facilities pose a higher risk for accidents or injuries because there are fewer eyes and ears available to help residents. This may force several situations, including leaving residents to their own care, skipping safety protocols on moving residents within the facility, or overworked or inadequately trained staff that overlook important safety measures.
  • Inadequate planning or care. If the nursing home has poorly designed floor plans, inadequate supervision, a cleaning schedule that has significant delays, or even improper medication routines, then the potential for slips and falls dramatically increases.
  • Hazards in the environment. Proper maintenance and janitorial services help keep nursing homes clean and safe. When a nursing home lapses in these areas, it creates hazardous situations, such as unsecured flooring (rugs), surfaces that remain wet, improper lighting, handrails or bed guards that are broken, or even a collection of food trays or carts that remain hazardously in place.
  • Mobility issues. As people age, they may suffer from ailments that increase the potential risk of falling. This can happen in patients with dementia, imbalances from medications, strength and flexibility issues, decreased mobility, or impaired vision.
  • Lack of fall protocols. There should be a plan in place that helps to prevent slips and falls while also laying out a care and response plan should they occur. If there is a failure in these protocols, it can make a bad situation worse. Protocols should include staff education, installation of proper safety equipment, bedside alarms for residents, proper maintenance, routine inspections, and consistent medication reviews.

Common Slip-and-Fall Injuries

When slip-and-fall accidents occur, the impacts may be far more reaching because it is an elderly individual who is more susceptible to bodily harm. Common injuries that occur from slip-and-fall accidents include:

Additionally, some injuries may not just be physical. Suffering these injuries can also impact a patient’s independence or instill feelings of fear, helplessness, or isolation.

Filing a Claim

If your loved one is involved in a nursing home slip-and-fall accident, taking immediate action is important. The first step is to make sure they are receiving proper medical care for any sustained physical or mental injuries. The second step is to work with an attorney who specializes in nursing home slip-and-fall accidents as well as elder abuse.

A personal injury attorney can report the incident to the appropriate authorities, who will investigate the cause of the accident and determine if there was negligence on the part of the institution or individuals within the institution. While the statute of limitations for filing a claim is two years, recovering medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of care, and other compensatory damages quickly can help ensure your loved one’s quality of life.

FAQs About West Covina, CA Nursing Home Fall Law

What Are the Three Most Common Complaints About Nursing Homes?

While most nursing homes do their best to care for their residents, no institution is perfect. Three of the most common complaints include slow response times to incidents, poor quality of food provided, and social isolation due to staffing shortages. While many of these factors can be subjective, there are still quality minimums that should be maintained.

How Do You Protect a Loved One in a Nursing Home?

While there is an assumption that the facility will provide safety and protection to your loved one, using your own observations and judgment can also help protect them. Ways to do so include being observant of what you see, hear, or smell, looking for any warning signs, keeping in touch with your loved one, utilizing available technology, and knowing whom to speak with regarding any concerns.

What Does the Right to Fall Mean?

While the core of any nursing home is to provide safety and security, there is also a level of independence that must be honored as well. Nursing homes offer residents the freedom of mobility. That means residents are allowed to move unassisted if they choose. Therefore, residents assume a “right to fall.” However, protecting residents from this is still the right thing to do.

Do Nursing Homes Have to Report Falls?

Any allegations of nursing home abuse, neglect, or serious injuries must be reported. They follow the same reporting guidelines as those set up to protect minors. There are several established ways that proper reporting can take place, so not reporting is an inexcusable action.

West Covina Nursing Home Slip-and-Fall Attorney

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home slip-and-fall accident, there can be many lasting ramifications. When accidents occur, they should be properly investigated, and any negligent parties should be held accountable. At Belgum, Fry & Van Allen, our experienced attorneys can review the facts of your case and help you and your loved one recover any damages you may be entitled to. Get in touch with us today.

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